Volvo Tweetball

22th of June 2016. Belgium Vs Sweden during the Euro 2016 soccer championships. A big deal for everyone in Belgium. But who do you support as a Swedish car brand with a factory in Belgium? What do you do when you love both countries? You celebrate every goal! Volvo Tweetball was born.

Volvo Tweetball; A real-time virtual soccer game on Twitter.

How did it work? The moment the real game started, we dropped a virtual ball on Volvo’s Twitter account. The person who retweeted this tweet at the exact same time a goal was scored in the real football match, stood a chance to win a fantastic trip to Sweden.

– #VolvoTweetball became trending topic
– 1 Million Trend Impressions
– 22,5% Twitter engagement (normally 1,5%)
– 38% Retweets
– 2110% more impressions
– Traffic to doubled on match day

Client: Volvo
Role: Ideation / Design / Art Direction / User Experience / Creative Direction
Media & Skills:  Twitter / Mobile / Online / Digital Strategy / User Experience

Volvo Tweetball - Frank van Rooijen

Skills: Digital, Mobile, Social Media, User Experience
Client: Volvo