Vodacom Durban July | Red Loves Green

The Vodacom Durban July is Africa’s most prestigious horse racing event and Vodacom is its headline sponsor. The theme for this year’s race was “A Greener Future”, a great opportunity to showcase Vodacom’s cell phone recycling program. We conceptualised a life-size horse sculpture constructed out of recycled cell phones that formed part of our “Red loves Green” campaign.

The horse sculpture enjoyed lots of attention and as a direct result it generated a massive amount of free media exposure for our client Vodacom. The sculpture was such a hit that it is now permanently on show at Vodacom’s Head Office in Johannesburg where it is still attracting lots of attention on a daily base.

860x620 Vodahorse1 860x620 Vodahorse2 860x620 Vodahorse3940 Vodacom Horse Press

Skills: Design, Experience Design, Pop Culture, Storytelling
Client: Vodacom