Skoda Meeting Point App | Car Traffic App

Belgium, famous for its chocolate, beer and traffic jams. Belgium has by far the worst traffic in Europe. How can Skoda, who directly contributes to the overload of cars on the road, make difference? Introducing: the Skoda Meeting Point app.

How does The Skoda Meeting Point app work?

The Skoda meeting point initiative is a simply clever way to reduce and dodge traffic jams by turning Skoda’s 70 showrooms into meeting rooms. The app identifies the best traffic free route for business parties who want to meet and navigates them to the nearest available Skoda meeting room.

Client: SKODA
Role: Ideation / Art Direction / User Experience / Creative Direction
Media & Skills:  Mobile app / Data / Digital Strategy / User Experience

Skoda Meeting Point App - Frank van Rooijen
Skoda Meeting Point App - Frank van Rooijen

Skills: Digital, Mobile, User Experience
Client: Skoda