Royal Dutch Mint | #FlipACoin

For our client the Royal Dutch Mint, we created a larger-than-life Heads or Tails installation to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Wageningen University & Research and its commemorative coin. Through a website, people could submit a dilemma to settle pressing predicaments, such as ‘pizza or pasta’, or ‘beach holiday or adventure holiday’. People could also choose from prewritten dilemma’s and use those to flip the coin on for fun. 

The installation resolves the dilemma by flipping a massive coin (designed to look like the commemorative coin) 4 metres into the air, with 500 kg of force. Easy to (de)construct and transport, we provided Royal Dutch Mint with a promotional tool they can use to launch and promote future commemorative coins as well.

Client: Royal Dutch Mint
Role: Creative Direction
Media & Skills: Content / Storytelling / User Experience / Experience Design

Skills: Content, Digital, Experience Design, Storytelling, User Experience