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A digital platform in Finnish, English and Arabic that brings Finnish people and refugees together through jobs. Taking full advantage of the fact that most refugees are skilled people, RECOMMEND A REFUGEE links the businesses in the vicinity of the refugee centers to the skills of the refugees in those centers. Kick-starting the conversation and integration on the basis of shared knowledge and expertise.

Our client HBL, one of the largest and oldest newspaper publishers in Finland, wanted to demonstrate that journalism is not only about reporting – it is about making a tangible difference by actions. Read – Get Involved – Make a difference.

By launching Recommend A Refugee together with the Finnish Red Cross (SPR) and SEK, HBL proved they walked the talk.

Recommend A Refugee; a digital platform that successfully gives HBL a meaningful role in Finnish culture while at the same time genuinely improving people’s lives.

Awards for the campaign to date:
1 x International News Media Association Finalist (Category PR & Community Service)

Client: HBL
Role: Ideation / Design /Art Direction / User Experience / User Interface / Creative Direction
Media & Skills:  Online / Data / Digital Strategy / Storytelling / Content / Experience Design

Recommend A Refugee - HBL - Frank van RooijenRecommend A Refugee - HBL - Frank van RooijenRecommend A Refugee - HBL - Frank van Rooijen

Recommend A Refugee

Recommend A Refugee

Skills: Digital, Mobile, Pop Culture, PR, User Experience
Client: HBL