Night Drive Marketing Campaign | South African Horror Film

The Brief:
Develop a low cost campaign for the South African horror film Night Drive which needs to appeal to a 18-25 year old male audience. Communicate the central theme of the Night Drive movie; the gruesome murder of civilians for African witchcraft related rituals and provoke debate and intrigue around the cultural dynamics at work in the film and in the country.

Basing our campaign on the film’s theme of ‘Muti Murders’ – A South African term that refers to the gruesome killing of civilians for their body parts, we developed a low cost solution that promoted the film by illuminating a real issue in the country and stimulated national debate around a topic that is ordinarily considered too sensitive to discuss in public.

The R30.000,- ($4,500) Night Drive campaign generated over R6.6 Million ($976,000) in free media. The campaign reached nearly 54 million people worldwide.

Awards for the campaign to date:
2 x Gold Loerie Awards

Client: Indigenous Films
Role: Ideation / Design / Copywriting / Art Direction / Creative Direction
Media & Skills: Outdoor / Online / Social Media / Storytelling / User Experience

Night Drive Movie

Night Drive Movie CampaignNight Drive Movie Campaign - Dr Uba - Body parts

Night Drive Movie Campaign

Night Drive Movie Campaign

Skills: Content, Pop Culture, PR, Social Media, Storytelling
Client: Indigenous Films