MK Brand Campaign

MK, a South African TV channel that promotes only local music, needed to connect with a far more influential youth audience to reclaim its cutting-edge image as the voice of the youth music scene.

Using a blend of media, we made MK come alive as three different living characters who each lived for 20 days. Their adventures unfolded ‘live’ as short films which offered viewers a snapshot of their lives. We created 60 daily short film episodes which flighted on the MK TV channel. The episodes also synchronised on all digital platforms such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Fans could BBM, direct message or befriend MK on Facebook in real time and MK would respond in real time.

During the story of MK’s third persona, we follow him opening up his own speak-easy bar in Cape Town. We blurred the lines between fiction and reality by opening up a real life MK pop up bar which people could actually visit. The bar boasted live performances by bands featured throughout the campaign.

We used the music of 22 new South African indie bands across all content, exposing our audience to bands they didn’t know existed. As a result, in just 60 days, we generated (from a zero count) over 90 000 Facebook interactions, 1100 tweets and reached no. 6 on YouTube’s most watched list which generated a new youth fan base, four times more influential than the previous one.

Awards for the campaign to date:
1 x Pendoring awards GRAND PRIX
2 x Yellow D&AD Pencils
4 x Gold Pendoring Awards
1 x Gold Loerie Award
2 x Bronze One Show Pencils
1 x Silver Pendoring Award
1 x Silver Loerie Award
1 x Bronze Loerie Award

Client: DSTV / Multichoice
Role: Ideation / Art Direction / Copywriting / Design / Creative Direction
Media & Skills: TV / Social Media / Print / Music / Storytelling / Experience Design

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Skills: Content, Digital, Mobile, Music, Pop Culture, Social Media, Storytelling
Client: DSTV / Multichoice