KLM | Tune Into Your Travel

Holiday’s are exciting, waiting to board your flight, not so much. To bring people some much needed distraction while they wait, we produced a series of AR face masks and world filters to give travellers a fun experience at the airport.

Tune into Your Travel lets people select a specific type of holiday (Beach, City, Adventure) to unlock various Facebook Camera effects fitting the trip; turning them into a scuba diver, safari adventurer or urban explorer. 

Defying the (then) creative constraints of the platform’s 2MB limit, we advanced the masks with a background that moves along with the user in real-time. Our world filters transformed the entire airport into a dream holiday destination, complete with 3D characters awaiting your arrival and custom-made music to get you in the mood.

Client: KLM
Role: Creative Direction / Ideation
Media & Skills: Content / Storytelling / Social Media / User Experience

Skills: Content, Social Media, Storytelling, User Experience