Stichting FSHD Nederland | Ronald Snijders | A Comedian’s worst Nightmare

To raise awareness and donations for FSHD – a relatively unknown muscular dystrophy – we conceptualized and staged a comedian’s worst nightmare: a quiet and non-responsive crowd during his performance. This happened to Dutch comedian Ronald Snijders who was so touched by the stunt and the effects of the disease that he immediately became an official ambassador for the Dutch FSHD Foundation.

What is FSHD?

FSHD is a muscular dystrophy that often first affects facial muscles which makes it hard for FSHD patients to express their emotions due to a lack of facial expression abilities.

Within just one week the stunt gained some high profile media attention from the likes of TV show PAUW, radio shows like De Coen en Sander Show and Ekdom in de ochtend as well as popular online Dutch video platform Dumpert where the stunt earned the #1 video of the day to name a few.

A special campaign site ( has been developed where people could find more background information on FSHD, watch video interviews with patients and experts and have the possibility to donate money to fund further research. Since the Dutch FSHD Foundation also celebrated their 20th anniversary, we collaborated with top graphic designer and typographer Alex Trochut to design a special anniversary logo.


With more than 1 million people hearing about FSHD via radio and TV and reaching more than 1.5 million people online, the stunt literally put FSHD on the map with donations still pouring in.

Client: Stichting FSHD Nederland
Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Ideation
Media & Skills: Facebook / Facebook Messenger / Twitter / YouTube / Social Media / Storytelling / User Experience


Skills: Digital, Mobile, Pop Culture, Social Media, Storytelling, User Experience
Client: Stichting FSHD Nederland