The Dogwalk – Eurojackpot | Pet Fashion

Eurojackpot asked us to create a bespoke online branded content video to improve their top-of-mind awareness while staying true to their ‘On-Hollands Rijk’ brand positioning. We created The Dogwalk.

Haute Couture dog fashion

With the help of renowned New York based pet fashion designer Roberto Negrin we designed an haute couture dog fashion collection which we showcased on a real life Dogwalk. The video was also a nod towards the then trending 2016 Womenswear video from Tom Ford.

Client: Eurojackpot
Role: Ideation / Art Direction / Creative Direction
Media & Skills: YouTube / Facebook / Content / PR / Storytelling

Our video was featured on RTL Boulevard, one of Holland’s most popular TV programs.

The Dogwalk - Eurojackpot - Frank van Rooijen

Skills: Content, Digital, Pop Culture, PR, Social Media, Storytelling
Client: Eurojackpot