Coca Cola – The Ultimate Goal | Street Soccer Goals

Activation campaign developed for Coca Cola South Africa. Coca Cola wanted to further establish the relationship with the FIFA Confederations Cup as a tier 1 sponsor. I developed the The Ultimate Goal pack. The packs consisted of building blocks with which people could create their own soccer goal. The goal-packs were team specific and based on the participating FIFA Confederations Cup teams.

The Ultimate Goal street competition.

The individual goal parts were printed on self-adhesive paper so they could be easily mounted on street walls. People were encouraged to create odd-shaped goals to make the game a bit more challenging. The most creative goal shapes could win various prizes such as tickets to the games, fan-wear and free Coca Cola supplies. The goal-packs could be bought from various South African Coke outlets such as supermarkets and petrol stations.

The activation not only strengthened the relationship between Coca Cola and the FIFA Confederations Cup, but also took the soccer tournament to the streets of South Africa. Ordinary South Africans could mimic the real games (or create their own) by selecting their own teams and turning the streets of South Africa into soccer fields.

Client: Coca Cola
Role: Ideation / Design / Art Direction / Creative Direction
Media & Skills: Outdoor / PR / Activation / Experience Design / Pop Culture

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Skills: Design, Experience Design, Pop Culture, PR
Client: Coca Cola