BIEM App | Dutch Government Fireworks app

How do you keep Dutch kids at a safe distance while lighting fireworks? By letting them use the one thing they love most, their mobile phones. Together with internet meme legend Mr. BIEM, we created the BIEM App, a special mobile video app which replaced the sound of a fireworks explosion with a special BIEM sound effect. By using our video app, our target group – unbeknownst to them – kept themselves safe by using their mobile phones for their own protection.

Results within 5 days:
– National News Coverage
– 2.090.244 Video Plays
– 50.135 App Downloads
– #2 Most Popular App in Google Play Store
– 120.021 BIEMified Videos

Awards for the campaign to date:
3 x ADCN Shortlist
2 x SAN Accent Shortlist
1 x Esprix Shortlist

Client: Dutch Government
Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Ideation
Media & Skills: Mobile / Social Media / PR / User Experience / User Interface

BIEM App - Frank van RooijenBIEM app - Frank van RooijenThe BIEM App


Skills: Content, Digital, Mobile, Pop Culture, PR, Social Media, User Experience
Client: Dutch Government