Nights By Absolut | #AbsolutNights

Over the course of 4 weeks in 2014, Absolut transformed Nightlife as we know it by launching their global experiential nightlife program Absolut Nights. Four epic transformative nightlife experiences infused with Art were organised in 4 different cities around the globe. New York , Johannesburg, Berlin and Sao Paulo. Each experience transformed a different aspect of the party – from the disco ball to the dance floor.

Night Canvas
A digital campaign feeding into the larger Absolut Nights program. Local influencers were invited to the 4 events and asked to capture moments of their Absolut Nights and share them on their Instagram accounts using the hashtag #AbsolutNights.

Absolut then selected their favorite event images and shared them with Absolut artist, illustrator Joe Wilson. Joe would then transform those images into Art pieces. When an Art piece was finished, Joe would post it on Instagram, tagging the original influencer and the #AbsolutNights hashtag. In return, the influencer would re-post the Art piece on his/her Instagram for maximum exposure, again using the #AbsolutNights hashtag.

Client: Absolut
Role: Ideation / Art Direction / Associate Creative Director
Media & Skills: Outdoor / Online / Social Media / Storytelling / Content / Experience Design

Absolut NightsAbsolut NightsAbsolut NightsAbsolut NightsAbsolut NightsAbsolut Nights

Skills: Content, Design, Digital, Experience Design, Mobile, Music, Pop Culture, Social Media, Storytelling, User Experience
Client: Absolut