ABSA Power of 3 Campaign | Cubism Manifesto

Launch the Absa Capital brand in South Africa and cement them as a key player in the local investment banking market.

Absa Capital Solution:
Coupled with an above-the-line campaign, 100 limited edition 99-page leather-bound books were created for key clients. Titled: “The Cubism Manifesto,” each book showcased their unique “Power of 3” philosophy which features the three intellectual components of investing that only Absa Capital offers. The philosophy was brought to life via a varied mix of design, storytelling, illustration, typography and photography. Next to the 100 limited edition 99-page leather-bound books, we also created 500 limited edition digital books for other clients.

Absa Capital has entrenched its vision of becoming the leading investment bank in sub-Saharan Africa and has reported that its business profits increased by over 50%.

Awards for the campaign to date:
1 x GRAND PRIX Midas Awards
2 x Gold Ingots Midas Awards
1 x D&AD Inbook Award
1 x Silver Loerie Award
1 x New York Festivals Finalist
1 x One Show Finalist
1 x London International Awards Finalist

Client: Absa Capital / Barclays
Role: Ideation / Design / Art Direction / Creative Direction
Media & Skills: Print / Online / Content / Storytelling / User Experience

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Skills: Content, Design, Digital, Storytelling, User Experience
Client: Absa Capital / Barclays